Comfort domestic ventilation

CWL-T-300 Excellent

A team only excels when its individual talents complement each other. Accordingly, the new CWL-T-300 Excellent ventilation unit teams up well with a Wolf heat generator e.g. BWL-1S split air source heat pump, CGS-2 gas condensing centre or TOB oil condensing boiler with a maximum heating output of 3000 W.

Wolf Heiztechnik CWL T 300

Comfort domestic ventilation

CWL Excellent

The new Wolf CWL‑180 Excellent, CWL-300 Excellent and CWL‑400 Excellent comfort mechanical ventilation units are distinguished by their light and compact design, removable plastic cross-countercurrent plate heat exchanger and low energy consumption with heat recovery of up to 95%.

Wolf Heiztechnik CWL Excell

Comfort domestic ventilation

CWL-F Excellent (slimline)

It may sometimes prove difficult to install a mechanical ventilation system because there is insufficient space available – not only a problem in existing buildings.
This is where the new Wolf slimline ventilation units come into. Their low installed height and whisper-quiet operation enables easy installation above suspended ceilings or in narrow room recesses.

Wolf Heiztechnik CWL F Exce

Comfort domestic ventilation


Decentralised mechanical air handling unit with heat recovery

The CWL-D-70 is the ideal appliance for retrofitting existing buildings