Buffer tank


  • Space-saving steel stratification cylinder with quality certificate
  • Hygienic DHW heating according to the instantaneous water heater principle with stainless steel DHW indirect coil
  • Single cylinder system for the lowest heat cool-down losses and space requirement
  • Maintenance of temperature stratification inside the buffer cylinder through the use of a circulation lance (accessory)
  • No domestic hot water primary pump required
  • Low scaling tendency, even up to 70 ° C
  • Higher solar yield through large solar indirect coils and the permanent cooling of the lower cylinder section during DHW heating
  • Higher draw-off capacity available in the short-term through large water content inside the DHW indirect coil (48 – 80 litres, subject to cylinder size)
  • Variable matching of the „standby section“ for DHW heating through different positions for the DHW sensor via the sensor strip
  • Removable thermal insulation for easier manoeuvring into the installation room
  • Five year warranty on the floorstanding cylinder,
    Two year warranty on all electrical or moving parts
Buffer tank