Gas condensing solar centre


This compact, modular and visually appealing solar centre comprises the following: CGB-2 gas condensing boiler, BM-2 programming module, solar cylinder, solar pump assembly with high efficiency pumps and SM-1 solar controller, 25 l solar expansion vessel and collecting vessel for the solar fluid. The solar cylinder has a 300 l capacity which is sufficient to receive the energy from two collectors for a living space of up to 150 m². 

Energy efficiency class: A

  • Compact gas condensing solar centre 
  • Solar cylinder with high grade thermal insulation, even protecting the cylinder floor 
  • Excellent accessibility of all components for operation and service from the front, offering plenty of siting options
  • Connections for central heating and solar circuit on the left or right hand side 
  • Small side clearance required only on the connection side 
  • Solar boiler stop for high solar yield 
  • Equipped with the new Wolf control system