Solar tube collector


High-performance: High performance in a very small space, high yields, particularly in spring and autumn. Particularly suitable for the combination of hot water generation and support for central heating   

Long life: Collector with direct flow using the principle of the thermos flask; this permits long-lasting vacuum and therefore high insulation;

Hail-resistant borosilicate glass  

Constant: Absorber with highly selective layer on the outside of the internal glass tube in a high vacuum, and so protected from environmental influences; no degradation, providing lasting high efficiency
Flexible: Modular design can be adapted to the available space on the roof  

Highly aesthetic: Elegant appearance due to narrow pipe diameter, optimised pipes spacing and attractive design  

Easy assembly: Compact and easily managed; fully preassembled; ready for connection, for mounting the collectors on top of the roof tiles, and freestanding  

Five years warranty