Domestic water heater


  • Extreme energy-saving operation
  • Exceptionally high COP value of 3.8 (in accordance with EN 16147: A20/W10-55;XL)
  • Dry heating immune to limescale - The tank no longer needs to be emptied when replacing the heating element
  • STL under the heating cove
  • Improved servicing, as changing the magnesium anode no longer requires the top section to be dismantled
  • No heat transfer losses between heat pump and storage tank
  • Tested and proven technology, easily assembled, simply integrated in all systems
  • No electrical or refrigeration connection work is required
  • Wide variety of application options (Heating via heat pump or boiler)
  • In addition to hot water, facilitates the processing for the cooling of a room
  • Also conceived for multivalent operation



 Domestic water heater WPA 302 ECO by ecoheating supplier Wolf usable as air-conditioner