Warm water heat pump

WPA 100

The WPA 100 E-LF heat pump storage tank provides an ideal combination of a wall-hanging storage tank and an energy-efficient air / water heat pump. The storage tank is designed for a 2-3 person household and is typically installed in the bathrooms of single, multi-family or holiday homes.

 Warm water heat pump WPA-100 by ecoheating supplierWolf

Domestic water heater


The combination of particularly high-quality components results in a heat pump storage tank which combines a range of technological state-of-the-art features. It's exceptionally high COP value of 3.8, the integrated external current anode and its working range expanded to -7°C are the remarkable advantages of this high-end product.

 Domestic water heater WPA 302 ECO by ecoheating supplier Wolf usable as air-conditioner

Heat pump set

HT 300 ER + WP2-AE

This is a high-quality freestanding cylinder by Austria Email combined with a sideways mounted air-water heat pump. The domestic water heat pump set draws most of the energy it requires to heat the domestic water from the ambient air. As a consequence, the energy requirement and associated consumption costs are less than a third of those incurred by exclusively electric water heaters.

domestic air-water heat pump set simple to integrate in all systems

Domestic water heat pump

WPA 302 E-LF

This high-quality upright tank with an integrated air-water heat pump is designed specifically for domestic water heating. It uses the energy available in the ambient air and thus represents the most energy-economical form of domestic water heating.

WPA 302 E LF