ECO Heating Ltd. grew out of ECO Heating & Plumbing (NZ) Ltd. following the increasing interest in products with environmentally friendly technology.

The products we supply are based on proven technologies used in the European market for over 50 years. They are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment while saving on running costs at the same time. By using our products you and your customer will experience a warm, dry house and enjoy hot water at little or no cost.

We are working with highly skilled and trusted installers who are trained to install our products.

In our product range you will find products for residential to industrial and commercial developments.


Beate 2018

Beate Gehricke

  • Director of ECO Heating Ltd.
    Co Founder of ECO Heating Plumbing (NZ) Ltd.
  • Bachelor in Business Management (Germany)
  • Passionate about finding the very best solutions for a customers project
  • Working in the field of environmentally friendly heating and plumbing solutions since 2003 in New Zealand

Uwe Gehricke

  • Director of ECO Heating & Plumbing (NZ) Ltd.
  • Technical adviser and trainer for ECO Heating Ltd.
  • Certified gas fitter & plumber in NZ and B.Eng.- EQR Level 6
  • Over 30 years of experiences installing heating systems as well as solar systems in Germany and New Zealand
Find out about our network of ecoheating certified installers here.


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Wolf GmbH is a leading supplier of air-conditioning and heating technology. The company’s rapid progress to the forefront of Europe’s building services industry started in the air-conditioning and air-handling sectors. Wolf air-handling products are installed in opera houses, airports and office complexes.

Entry into the heating-technology sector in the early 1980s was a milestone in the company’s success story. Environmentally friendly and efficient heating units from Wolf quickly established themselves as quality brand products. As a systems supplier Wolf combines the five sectors of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, solar and combined heat and power plants, establishing itself firmly as the competence brand for energy saving systems. Wolf concentrates all its capabilities at its single production facility, which is sited in Mainburg, Bavaria.

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The Austrian company AUSTRIA EMAIL is one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality water heaters. They have the most state-of-the-art buffer cylinder factory in Europe (with an in-house fleece fabrication plant since 2010) and an in-house heating technology laboratory with high quality test equipment.

AUSTRIA EMAIL is also a quality partner for wholesalers and industrial customers, offering sales support in the form of training, factory tours, partner programmes and targeted marketing campaigns.

AUSTRIA EMAIL is the market leader in Austria and the oldest listed company in Austria.